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Islamic Furniture - Understanding Intarsia Inlay

Islamic Furniture - Understanding Intarsia Inlay

Intarsia inlay furniture is an art form with a great heritage of remaining pieces from the Islamic Golden Age. Intarsia comes from the Arabic term tarṣī‘, meaning ‘inlay work‘. During the Omayyad Caliphate this cabinetmaking technique was incredibly perfected by ebaniste artisans.

About the Intarsia technique

Accurately cut thin strips of different materials are stuck together with animal glue and constant pressure to form geometric inlay sticks ready to be trimmed. The inlay strips can be made of different types of wood, tinted wood, ivory, mother of pearl, shells, metals and exotic materials.

Islamic intarsia inlay stick ready to be trimmed

Animal glue is used to patiently stack  the trimmed inlays upon the drawn geometrical lines. Every geometrical form is made of different materials, textures and colors in order to obtain a decorated furniture of great aesthetic.

Islamic intarsia inlay during glueing

The resulting furniture

Common pieces of furniture and accesories like chests or boxes are transformed this way into luxurious objects to own. The eye-catching designs are incredibly drawing your brain's attention, and when finished with great care there is no other furniture of more beauty.

Islamic furniture interiorIslamic furniture inlay

We can assure this furniture has the power to change completely the feel of your rooms. Visit our great collection of Islamic furniture made with the intarsia inlay technique.


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