Italian Renaissance Globe Bar (Elegant Ivory Color)

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    Globe diameter 42cm (16 inches)
    93 x 58 x 58 cm (36.6 x 23 x 23 inches)
    Ref. FUAN3902006

    solid hardwood with a chestnut stain (legs)
    Polymer (globe)

    Handmade in Europe


This luxury Globe Bar is a classic masterpiece of bar furniture. The bar globe is created by the professional hands of master artisans delivering the highest quality antique furniture reproductions. This masterpiece perfectly matches antique interiors and is a sure way to impress guests with one of the most uncommon way of serving drinks and cocktails. The globe is wrapped with a faithfull reproduction of 16th Century nautical maps from the National Museum of Science in Florence and is hinged at the meridian level to reveal not only drinks and glasses but its painted interior with Renaissance ceiling frescoes - an authentic view to the heavens.

This piece is painted in ivory color and enriched with gold foil finishes assembled by our master craftsmen. With beautiful illustrations of sea monsters, mermaids and mythological figures on its map, this globe can store up to 9 glasses and 2 or 3 bottles inside the inner bar compartment. Additional bottles can be placed on the white stained and veneered base, which is perfectly harmonious with the overall design.

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