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"I ordered Canova lions and they look amazing. My initial order got lost during delivery, but the seller was very prompt and responsive, and they sent me a second pair. The statue is well done with great details and stands very elegant. So happy with the purchase!" Irem Sarihan

customer review 2

"Thank you so much! I left a review. Just need a white pedestal now. Happy Hoidays! :)" RO from @hitmakerz

customer review 3

"I can honestly say, I am so happy I decided to purchase from this shop! I compared so many different Nike statues and this was the one that looks exactly like the original in the Louvre! I am impressed! And the delivery was super fast! If I could, I would give a 100 stars in my review!"

customer review 1

"I GOT THE HORSE! It's exquisite! I took a photo of him to show you how gorgeous he is even the Arizona desert. Thank you so much! Now please send me an invoice so I can pay you. Well worth the wait. How special." - Ellie

customer review 1

Nicholas Charbonneau

customer review 1

"Hey Guys……….. She arrived!!!! So beautiful. I am the happiest man in the world today. Will now have her placed on a black marble base and will send you another pic when completed. You guys are amazing. Many many thanks." Jaco Le Roux

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