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Elevate your garden

Add a touch of elegance to your garden with our premium quality sculptures

Unleash Your Creativity

Let your imagination flourish with our classic and mediterranean pots and planters

Get your garden ready for the season

Small Garden Statues
Outdoor Mosaic Floors
Life-Size Garden Statues
Garden Vases & Planters
Ceramic House Numbers
Columns & Pedestals

A living room that impress

Create a stunning living room that will leave your guests speechless

New arrivals in bronze

With exquisite details and impeccable finishing, our bronze statues are true works of art

Showcase your style and taste

Our exquisite collection of busts is the perfect way to showcase your individual style and taste

Enliven your living room with art

Breathe new life into your living room and transform it into a piece of art

Excellent accent for tabletops and mantelpieces

Wall decor for any room

Transform any room into a stunning work of art with our premium-quality wall decor pieces

Make a statement

Make a statement with our eye-catching tapestries, perfect for adding personality and charm to any space.

The perfect ambiance

Create the perfect ambiance with our unique and customizable paintings

Add a touch of history to your bookshelves

Bookshelves Decor
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Marcus Aurelius Bust
Small Busts
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A meaningful and everlasting gift

Hermes Bust

Customer Reviews

"The quality of the item is very good. Very heavy. Delivery was fast. He's a little smaller than I expected, but still very happy with the purchase." - Ramie
Winged Victory Statue

Customer Reviews

"I can honestly say, I am so happy I decided to purchase from this shop! I compared so many different Nike statues and this was the one that looks exactly like the original in the Louvre! I am impressed!" - Ivett
Canova Lions

Customer Reviews

"Very pleased with quality of lions and they were received in excellent condition. Packaging was exceptional. The process for ordering was painless and the delivery was before date given, so I was very happy and satisfied." - Mary Lou
Fresco Painting

Customer Reviews

"Myself and my husband, would like to share with you these incredible photographs, showing the beauty, talent, artistic and meaningful work  of the frescos around them. As lovers of renaissance and Italian work, they symbolize and mean so much to us. We appreciate your great service. "
Black Medici Lion Statues on Base

Customer Reviews

"I love the pair of lion statues that I purchased a few weeks ago. I highly recommend this shop for those looking for high quality pieces at reasonable prices."- Logan

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