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Hermes Bust

Large Lions Statue in Pair

Apollo Bust

Canova Lions

"I ordered Canova lions and they look amazing. My initial order got lost during delivery, but the seller was very prompt and responsive, and they sent me a second pair. The statue is well done with great details and stands very elegant. So happy with the purchase!" Irem Sarihan

Angel and Cherubs flying Fresco

"Myself and my husband , would like to share with you these incredible photographs , showing the beauty , talent, artistic and meaningful work  of the frescos and the columns around them.  As lovers of renaissance and Italian work , they symbolize and mean so much to us. We truly love them and we very appreciate of your great service. "

Hermes Bust

"The quality of the item is very good. Very heavy. Delivery was fast. He's a little smaller than I expected, but still very happy with the purchase." - Ramie

Dancing Faun Statue

"First the piece is amazing and I love it. Second, the absolute speed that this showed up with. Definitely coming back for more! Great communication with the seller. Great “artifact” works well with the aesthetic I have." - Frank

Marcus Aurelius Bust

"Brilliant!!! Author of one of my three favorite books of all time. What an inspiring figure!!! Marcus will be joining me in office when I return in a few months. I love this shop!!!"

Saint Michael the Archangel

By far this statue seemed to have better details than the rest that I saw online & I was not disappointed when it arrived. Well packaged, it had a little heft to it, the details were amazing - it was EXACTLY what I wanted.

Lansdowne Antinous Bust

"The Antinous bust that i purchased really exceeds my expectation. The details are perfect in every way. And the delivery is very fast (just within a week). Thank you The ancient home! This won't be the last time i purchase from this shop!"

Canova Lion Bookends

"An absolute treat to do business with. I live in Australia and got my item so fast! Thank you again for your swiftness, and the item was very well wrapped and protected." - Dean

Dante Bust

"The statue arrived today no problem. It will be gifted to my daughter when she graduates in Italian Studies from the University of Toronto in a few weeks."

Winged Victory Statue (Small)

Winged Victory Statue

Eos in Her Chariot Bas-relief

Canova Lions

Veiled Lady Bust (Black)

Priam Begging Achilles Bas-Relief

"This art piece is unique and beautiful. It came fast and well packaged. I will purchase from here again in the future! Worth every penny."

Male Torso Statue

"Tip top. Vielen Dank. Sehr schnelle Lieferung 👍🏻"

("Tip top. Thank you very much. Very fast delivery 👍🏻")

Napoleon as Caesar Bust

"Not a complaint at all but this bust is massive. The dims in the description are accurate, but it’s truly impressive in scale when you have it before you. Well made. Well worth the money."

Saint Michael the Archangel

"I love it - the skulptur is very detailed and the quality very high :-) - contacting the store very quickly and the seller very friendly and helpful." - Martin

Cupid and Psyche

"More than satisfied! Again, the Team at The Ancient Home have produced yet another Sculpture that I can only sum up with one word: Arete. :) The Greek, meaning perfection of form, and modesty. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" - Jeffrey

Dancing Faun

"Such a beautiful bronze piece. Excellent communication, super fast delivery. Very happy customer!!" - Caroline

Harvest Goddess Statue

I Have received My Goddess Demeter Statue and One Other Smaller Statue. The Image Of Demeter Is Very Beautiful, Very Detailed and I Am Very, Very Happy With The Goddess Image I Have Received. Thank You ! Both Statues Arrived In Perfect Condition. Once Again, Thank You! - Harvey

Male Torso Statue

"The overarching quality of the marble sculpture was sumptuous, and consequently the estethic the sculpture shines through is splendid and simply mindblowing. The beauty and quality of the correct physiological and anatomical body-compositions let it feel as if the statue is alive; due to that, the statue officiates as a microcosmic representation of perfect being, achieved through a place where the transcendental meets the human normative." - Sjaak

Pieta Sculpture

"So all the other Pieta statues have Mary's breasts weirdly jutted out and sometimes even cut out. which made this one perfect, it looks like the statue and brings me that sense of appreciation and love and grief that the first time I saw it in my AP EURO textbook once did. Shipping was stupid fast, packaging was great, definitely a great first Etsy purchase." - Javan

Virgil Statue

Diana Bust Sculpture

Black Medici Lions

Apollo Belvedere Bust

Barbedienne Bas-Relief

"It’s beautiful and their customer service is excellent. Thank you!" - Veronica

Large Lions Statue in Pair

"I really loved them!! I am already thinking on buying another pair!! The details are exquisite and perfectly manufactured. Very good taste."

Virgil Statue

"Virgil has arrived and he looks great!"

Marie Antoinette Bust

"Many Thanks for your fast service for the marble bust, it looks good here in my living room. And Thanks for the 10% discount that was nice to get. So I am really happy with the good quality of the marble bust and your shop."

Bust of Jesus Christ

"When I saw this bust, it was the best rendition I have ever seen Christ through the medium of sculpture. The quality surpasses what I expected, and that was already a high enough standard. It has an excellent weight to it as well. One thing I love about The Ancient Home is that they don’t leave the shipping price out of the equation until checkout. On some shops, I will go to checkout and find that over 100 dollars was added in shipping. Here they are honest enough to price items as they are. I will be buying more in the future."

Harvest Goddess Statue

"I would also say the quality and detail are very good as was the shipping which was both quick and protective. The statue is very attractive and I'm displaying it with indoor olive and lemon trees. Thanks!" - Marc

Classic Marble Vase

"I thought you may like to see the vase ‘in situ’. I think it looks great. I am so pleased." - Nigel

David, Discobolus, Thinker Statues

"100 % satisfait, très belle finition, jusque dans les moindres détails." - Denis

("100% satisfied, very nice finish, down to the smallest detail.")

Lucius Verus Bust

"Fast shipping, gorgeous material. Heavy and feels like quality"

Fresco Painting
"Myself and my husband, would like to share with you these incredible photographs, showing the beauty, talent, artistic and meaningful work of the frescoes and the columns around them. As lovers of Renaissance and Italian work, they symbolize and mean so much to us. We truly love them and we very appreciate your great service. "
Fresco Painting
"Myself and my husband, would like to share with you these incredible photographs, showing the beauty, talent, artistic and meaningful work of the frescoes and the columns around them. As lovers of Renaissance and Italian work, they symbolize and mean so much to us. We truly love them and we very appreciate your great service. "
Fresco Painting
"Myself and my husband, would like to share with you these incredible photographs, showing the beauty, talent, artistic and meaningful work of the frescoes and the columns around them. As lovers of Renaissance and Italian work, they symbolize and mean so much to us. We truly love them and we very appreciate your great service. "
Ajax The Great Bust

"This is the third item I’ve bought from this store and as usual the service and the quality of the products are beyond A+. I can’t say enough about how quickly and inexpensive the shipping is from Budapest to Toronto, how well packaged their items are, or how remarkable working with the merchant is. Thanks so much for everything, I wish you all the best!"

Venus Bust

"We are very pleased with the piece. Very qualitative material, very fine work, the shipment was insanely fast and the boutique was super reactive when we exchanged by email. We will put it above our fireplace in our new home. Highly recommend this boutique ! We even placed a second order (the napoleon this time) as a gift for my father's bday."

Diana Hunting Bas-Relief

"Easily 6 stars. It's 100% exactly as pictured. If you want to 'feel' class through art - buy it. It is without a doubt a piece that anyone, from a king and queen, to someone living in a one bedroom apartment would love. And this stuff will live on, generation after generation if maintained. I LOVE it. I won't stop buying here. Thanks guys."

Roma Bust

"I actually teared up, when i unpacked and saw this bust. Everything just fell in place, the history, the beauty and the overall artistic work. I highly recommend this seller, since the products are from an amazingly high quality, which also makes the prices rather cheap, the shipping is really fast and the package is shipped very safely, so you won't receive it broken." - Sjaak

Harvest Goddess Statue

"Again, Wow! Wow! Wow! I Cannot say enough about what a superb company The Ancient Home is! The customer service is top notch, friendly staff, superb packaging, and door to door delivery from Europe to USA in three days! On to the statue herself: The form, materials used, the delicacy and power that spills forth from this masterfully executed sculpture is truly something to behold. Don't think twice about doing business with The Ancient Home!" - Jeffrey

Winged Victory Statue

"The statue arrived on time and was securely packed so there was no damage. Honestly I love this statue too much, since I’ve opened it I can’t stop staring at it. My family and friends have all been admiring the victory statue I purchased and commenting on how beautiful it is! It is really a breathtaking piece!" - Daelyn

Veiled Lady Bust

"Beautiful quality very stunning. I live in the USA and I didn’t expected it to arrive so quickly. It was very well protected and packed too. 10/10" - Alexandra

Plato Bust

"I have bought other statues from other shops, but nothing compares to this one from the Ancient Home. It looks exactly how it appears in the picture and the size is perfect. Also, the shipping was super fast! 5 stars for this amazing shop!!"

Capitoline Rome Wolf Statue

"Quick delivery, fit the description, safely packed and beautiful product. Nothing else to say :)"

Apollo Bust Sculpture (Large)

"This is absolutely beautiful! Arrived so quickly and carefully wrapped. Detail in the marble is incredible. 1000% recommended" - Anthony

Winged Victory Statue

"I received this item 48 hours after ordering it, I couldn’t be more impressed with the efficient shipping. It was incredibly well packaged and arrived in gorgeous condition. I will definitely buy from the seller again, and I would highly recommend this shop." - Maryrose

Apollo Bust Statue

"Beautiful piece. Just like the ad if not nicer when you can appreciate the details. Shipping from Budapest to Toronto was less than a week and the staff were responsive and helpful." - Brandon

Veiled Lady Bust

"She's exquisite and noticed that the veil under her nose is actually so fine that you can see light through it. She now sits proudly in my home in front of a mirror which reflects the back view of her head, which is also so beautiful and would be lost if placed towards a blank wall."

Napoleon as First Consul

"HAPPY to help give you a GOOD review. CHEERS!" - Nicholas

Moses Statue

"Fantastic piece! Close attention to detail. Goes great in my office. Very friendly and prompt staff. Very fast delivery. 100% satisfied." - Valentine

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