The Ancient Home is the leading brand of classic home decor worldwide.

If you are looking to work with us as a company, feel free to tell us about your project to get dedicated quotes and services.

International projects

The Ancient Home has supplied numerous international projects such as:

  • Private villas and gardens
  • Five-star hotels
  • Museum educational exhibitions
  • Roman villa reconstructions
  • Production sets of films and theater, examples of latest collaborations: Barbarians season 1, Harlots season 3, Gemini Man, The Alienist season 2, The Great, Enola Holmes, the Bridgerton series and House of the Dragon.
Some of our customers:


Installation of our Winged Victory Life-Size Statue

Selection and customization of statuary for interior, architectural and garden projects.
Hundreds of classic statues, busts, planters, columns, wall sculpture models available for agile manufacturing.
We can assist you with complex logistics and advise on installations of any kind.

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mosaic video thumbnail

Production of customized mosaics for private and public projects such as floors, pools, and murals.
We can meet tight deadlines by adapting our manufacturing capacity to your requirements.
Based on availability we install or assist you with the installation.

Recommended visit to: Marble mosaics


The making of a Renaissance Fresco video thumbnail

We can customize and deliver original fresco paintings to any place in the world by using a removal technique that transfers the wall painting onto a textile canvas.
The frescoes can be installed the same way as a wallpaper or framed at the back.

Recommended visit to: Fresco collection

Bespoke designs

Our company can undertake the design and manufacturing of any kind of bespoke furniture or decor within our product ranges, such as pottery, blown glass, woven tapestries and furniture.

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B2B Contact

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Our Mission Statement

"We aim to provide the most value in the demanding market of quality home decor and art reproductions, offering the very best quality and shipping internationally as fast, safely, and economically as possible."
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