Bust of Apollo

SKU: SCAN3912014
Bust of Apollo
Bust of Apollo
Bust of Apollo
Bust of Apollo
Bust of Apollo
Bust of Apollo

Bust of Apollo

SKU: SCAN3912014
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    • Dimensions

      Height: 12.9"
      Width: 9"
      Depth: 5.1"
      Base diameter: 4.1"
      Weight: 9.7 lbs
    • Material

      White Carrara Marble Powder
      • Bust of Apollo inspired by the most celebrated ancient marble sculpture of the God of archery, music and poetry. This ancient Roman statue is now housed in the Pio-Clementine Museum (Vatican Museums), Rome, Italy.

        Bonded Marble

        Our bonded marble sculpture is produced by combining white Carrara marble powder and resin as a binding material. This material is easily molded in order to achieve incredible details. The sculptures are finished by hand.

      • Origin


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