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One-of-a-kind art

Handmade mosaics are extraordinary artworks. Every time we create a mosaic, the result is a unique masterpiece exclusive for you. 

handmade mosaic

Compared to straight and squared mosaics tiles, handmade tiles give authenticity comparable to a painter brushing a canvas. 

Mosaics are the perfect accent for interiors, pools or patios.

Fully Customized

From large floors to small murals, we can meet any design, material, and technical requirement for the creation of our mosaics.

Material options: marble, ceramic, stained glass, gold, semiprecious stones, and precious stones.
Tiles cutting options: machine cut, combined machine and hand cut, or fully hand cut.
Extra effects: worn out corners, polishing, defects, patina, and breaks.
Tiling methods: regular and irregular.
Backing: fiber glass mat, flexible resin, concrete, and aluminium honeycomb panel.

Roman mosaic tiles

For most large mosaic floors, we generally recommend marble, combined cut, worn out corners, regular tiling, and flexible resin backing.

All our mosaics for sale are handmade following the same techniques utilized by ancient mosaic makers.



bathroom mosaic bathroom mosaic bathroom mosaic bathroom mosaic

Contemporary art

contemporary mosaic contemporary mosaic contemporary mosaic

Logos & heraldry

making a mosaic for a store mosaic of a store

Mosaic friezes and stair risers for outdoor

Roman mosaic pattern reproductions of custom-made stair risers

Pet mosaics

mosaic for dog mosaic for pet memorial, a dog memorial

Roman Villas

Roman villa reproduction

Villa Ventorum

Reproduction of a Roman villa

The Ancient Home has supplied mosaics to Villa Ventorum, The Newt in Sommerset.
Villa Ventorum is one of the largest reconstruction of a Roman villa in the world, with a total of 7 mosaic reproductions.

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