Custom Sculptures

Our sculptures are copies of models made by old European masters with skills not available anymore.

Unfortunately, customizing sculptures have a higher price point due to the fact the process requires modelling the sculpture from scratch by an artist and creating a new mold.

Ordering a customized sculpture is similar to ordering a new customized fridge or home appliance and engineering it from scratch. It involves a lot of artistic time, warehouse space, engineering and administration.

Price ranges are usually starting from 10-20k USD price range regardless of the size of the artwork.

Doesn't this price range put you off? Haven't you found the sculpture you are looking for? Would you like to have a custom marble bust of yourself or a marble reproduction of your favorite museum's sculpture?

Please let us know the details of your sculptural project and we will gladly give a quotation of price, lead time, and conditions.

We currently offer thousands of Greek and Roman sculptures for sale not available on our website. In case you would like to have a particular statue reproduction, we most probably can make it.

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