Roman Patera with Medusa Clay

SKU: CERO3421023
Roman Patera with Medusa Clay
Roman Patera with Medusa Clay
Roman Patera with Medusa Clay
Roman Patera with Medusa Clay
Roman Patera with Medusa Clay
Roman Patera with Medusa Clay
Roman Patera with Medusa Clay

Roman Patera with Medusa Clay

SKU: CERO3421023
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    • Dimensions

      Height: 2"
      Width: 14"
      Depth: 10.9"
      Weight: 1.1 lbs

      Please note that there can be slight differences between the measurements of the item you receive and the data shown on the website due to the handmade nature of the product.
    • Material

      Fine Clay Slip
      • An amazing Roman patera made of Terra Sigillata with an impressive Medusa relief on the center. With two beautifully decorated handles, this Roman patera is dishwasher safe and ideal for serving culinary delights and fruits.

        About Medusa

        Medusa was a Gorgon, a winged female human with venomous snakes as hair, famous by her turning gazers to stone. She was one of the most frequently depicted monster in Roman art, and believed to be a protection amulet to ward off evil spirits.

        About our Terra Sigillata

        Our amazing collection of reproductions of Roman Pottery - Terra Sigillata is handcrafted following a unique process whereby the wet clay is finely selected by decantation. Usually this process needs 20 hours of watch, and several decantations can follow until a high volume of the initial clay is cast aside - obtaining the purest clay yield as a result.

        This pottery has a special natural gloss and softness achieved by the selection of the finest particles and a completely natural slip (instead of an industrial glaze, this pottery has an outer layer made of a secret mix of clay and minerals found by trial-and-error approach, smoothly melting at specific conditions of temperature and humidity, temperature curves ranging 1000°C-800°C).

        Historians believe that many terra sigillata production centers where located at natural river clay banks where water currents were doing part of the job of decantation. The Romans were taking advantage of few of these special locations all around the empire to mass produce this precious pottery work. Fine Terra Sigillata with reliefs was a valuable symbol of social status associated with the upper class.

        By virtue of the authentic process mastered by our artisan, we can guarantee that an archaeologist will be unable to distinguish this piece from an original Roman Terra Sigillata.

        The Ancient Home brings you back the greatness of an empire in the form of well-designed Terra Sigillata tableware for you to eat and sip with 'gusto' just like the Ancients did.

        The designation of “sigillata” refers to the production seal, in latin called "sigillum". This type of Roman pottery was always marked with the sigillum seal, and so are our reproductions in order to achieve an authentic look.
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