Farnese Hercules Statue Black Base

SIZE:  24.8"

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    63cm (24.8")
    Base: 25x25cm (9.8"x9.8")
    22kg (48.5lbs)

    The base is part of the Statue.
    Ref. SCGR4401071B

    White Carrara Marble Cast

    Handmade in Europe


The Farnese Hercules Statue, reduction after the ancient model.

This was a favorite marble sculpture of the ancient Romans, with many examples of reproductions being found in Roman palaces and gymnasiums. Farnese Hercules Statue was carved from marble by Lysippos, a Greek sculptor who lived and worked during the time of Alexander the Great.

It was called the Farnese Hercules because it was discovered in the baths of Caracalla in Rome, in 1540, it was then installed within the court yard of the Farnese Palace, Rome.

Today the Farnese Hercules Statue stands in the Museo Nazionale, Italy.

Marble Sculpture

Our sculpture is produced by a unique and proprietary dry casting process. They are made of white Carrara marble and over 90% of the finished sculpture is natural marble which gives it a look and feel of natural marble. They are finished by hand.

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