The Dance of the Maenads Bas-relief (Left)

SIZE:  56.3"x31.1"

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    Height: 143 cm(56.3")
    Width: 79 cm (31.1")
    Depth: 10 cm (3.9")
    Weight: 60 kg (132.2 lbs)
    Ref. SCRO3420087

    Natural White Marble Cast
    PU Foam Filling
    Aging Patina (optional)

    Handmade in Europe


The four reliefs of Bacchantes are Roman copies of Greek originals made in Athens in the late fifth-century B.C. to adorn a monument to Dionysius, or related with theatrical activity under his patronage. The reliefs show Dionysus’s followers who, on account of their unrestrained dance, were called Maenads. Wearing almost transparent dresses and their jewels, they might represent women who took part in rites under the appearance of mythical Maenads. The original reliefs are traditionally attributed to Callimachus (ca. 410-400 B.C.)


Our life-size statues are balanced on the base in order to stand alone safely outdoors & indoors. If extra safety is required, the base can be fixed with a variety of methods resin glue, cementitious glue, or mechanical means such as iron bars or hooks. For indoor, we recommend pure white color as it is the most lightful. For outdoor we recommend aging patina only if the architecture of the building matches with beige tones. Pure white color is fitting in the majority of the cases.

In order to keep an outdoor statue with the best look possible, wax or polyurethane spray can be applied once a year. During cold winters, the accumulation of ice in the crevices needs to be avoided. Crevises should be salted to deter the ice from expanding or simply be covered.


Our large size sculptures are produced by a unique and proprietary dry casting process. Over 90% of the finished sculpture is natural marble which gives it a look and feel of natural marble. The sculpture is not completely solid in order to reduce cost and weight, with a strong solid thickness suitable for indoor and outdoor. They are finished and patinated by hand.

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