Hercules Statue Bronze (Small) - Fighting the Nemean Lion

SKU: SCGR3910037
Hercules Statue Bronze (Small) - Fighting the Nemean Lion
Hercules Statue Bronze (Small) - Fighting the Nemean Lion
Hercules Statue Bronze (Small) - Fighting the Nemean Lion
Hercules Statue Bronze (Small) - Fighting the Nemean Lion
Hercules Statue Bronze (Small) - Fighting the Nemean Lion

Hercules Statue Bronze (Small) - Fighting the Nemean Lion

SKU: SCGR3910037
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    • Dimensions

      Height: 3.5"
      Width: 2.4"
      Depth: 0.8"
      Weight: 0.9 lbs
    • Material

      Foundry Cast Copper Alloy
      Green Patina
    • Origin

      Made in Italy
      • Our Hercules statue (small) fighting the Nemean Lion in abstract style is inspired by the statue of this subject completed and exhibited by the Florentine sculptor Romano Romanelli 1906-1910. The sculpture became renowned worldwide and remained in Piazza Ognissanti since the installation.

        Hercules is a hero and son of Zeus. He is also the god of strength and heroes. Hercules, also called Heracles, is one of the mightiest heroes in Greek and Roman mythology, and has been inspiration to many artists over the years and one of the greatest personifications of his identity is the “Hercules and Nemean Lion”.

        One of his many adventures is defeating the Nemean Lion, a vicious monster in Greek mythology that lived in Nemea. This lion was killed by Hercules even though it could not be killed by mortal’s weapons. Nemean lion’s golden Fur was impervious to attack.

        Most in a display of strength, many Hercules statues were made with depictions of his tales, since antiquity until now, celebrated by many because of its fortitude and meaning. Other celebrated Hercules artworks are Farnese Hercules, Hercules and Antaeus, Hercules and Diomedes and many more.

        Copper Alloy Sculpture

        Our sculpture is produced by a unique and proprietary casting process. They are made of hot molten cast of copper alloys and brass with a green oxide patina. The sculpture has a look comparable to archaeological copper alloys and bronzes. They are finished by hand.

        Please note there can be slight differences between the color of the item you receive and the website due to the handmade nature of the product.

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