Frog Statue (Bronze)

SKU: SCGR3910057
Frog Statue (Bronze)
Frog Statue (Bronze)
Frog Statue (Bronze)
Frog Statue (Bronze)
Frog Statue (Bronze)
Frog Statue (Bronze)

Frog Statue (Bronze)

SKU: SCGR3910057
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    • Dimensions

      Height: 1.2"
      Width: 2"
      Depth: 1.2"
      Weight: 0.9 lbs
    • Material

      Foundry Cast Copper Alloy
      Green Patina
      • A wonderful Frog Bronze Statuette. The frog has characteristic patterns carved on bronze statuettes. A figurine of perfect size for decorating the desk or shelves.

        Copper Alloy Sculpture

        Our sculpture is produced by a unique and proprietary casting process. They are made of hot molten cast of copper alloys and brass with a green oxide patina. The sculpture has a look comparable to archaeological copper alloys and bronzes. They are finished by hand.

        Please note there can be slight differences between the color of the item you receive and the website due to the handmade nature of the product.

      • Origin


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