Antoninus Pius Bust Sculpture - Roman Emperor

SIZE:  35.6"

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    90.5H x 67.5W x 30D cm (35.6x27.6x11.8 in)

    Base diam. 23.5cm (9.2")

    31.4 kg (69lbs)
    Ref. SCRO4401049

    White Carrara Marble Cast
    Extra large item: PU foam filling

    Handmade in Europe


Antoninus bust sculpture, Roman Emperor, AD 86-161.

Reproduction inspired by the bust currently located in the Glytothek in Munich, Germany.

In ancient Rome, the dedication of public statues was governed by rules concerning location, material and iconography. This was even more important when it concerned imperial images. Official portraits were an extremely important way for Roman emperors to reach out to their subjects and their public image was defined by them.

There are hundreds of surviving imperial statues, which show us that there were only three ways in which the emperor could officially be represented: in the battle dress of a general; in a toga, the Roman state civilian costume; or nude, likened to a god. These formats powerfully and effectively evoked the emperor’s role as commander-in-chief, magistrate or priest, and finally as the ultimate embodiment of divine providence.

The original Antoninus bust is now housed in the Glytothek in Munich.

Marble Sculpture

Our sculpture is produced by a unique and proprietary dry casting process. They are made of white Carrara marble and over 90% of the finished sculpture is natural marble which gives it a look and feel of natural marble. They are finished by hand.

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