Classic Outdoor Urn Bronze

SKU: SCRO3420065W
Classic Outdoor Urn Bronze
Classic Outdoor Urn Bronze
Classic Outdoor Urn Bronze

Classic Outdoor Urn Bronze

SKU: SCRO3420065W
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    • Parameters

      Height: 21.1"
      Width: 16"
      Depth: 16"
      Weight: 66 lbs
    • Material & Features

      Natural white marble + architectural resin
      Chiselled surface texture resembling bush-hammered stone
      Layered with roto-casting technology
      Hollow with structural reinforcement
      Pure white with optional aged beige patina

      Suitable outdoors and indoors
    • Origin

      Made in Europe
      • Our Outdoor Urn Planter in Bronze is a classic element for the garden. The bronze version is a cold galvanized piece with a thin outer layer of copper. Also available in white stone color.


        Our life-size statues are not just decorative pieces; they are true works of art that bring timeless elegance and grandeur to any space. Each sculpture is a museum-quality replica of classic art, capturing the essence and beauty of historical masterpieces. Perfect for luxury homes, grand estates, and sophisticated gardens, these statues are designed to impress and inspire.

        Sculptures provide unparalleled joy and timeless elegance, making them a truly rewarding investment. Unlike other home furnishings, sculptures embody a sophisticated blend of beauty and emotion, delivering an enduring return on happiness.


        Crafted from over 90% natural white marble and architectural resin, our statues offer the look and feel of authentic marble at a fraction of the weight. The chiselled surface texture, created through layered casting using advanced roto-casting technology, adds an artisanal touch that sets our sculptures apart. Each piece is meticulously hand-finished by skilled artisans, ensuring a unique and high-quality finish.


        Whether placed indoors or outdoors, our statues serve as stunning focal points that elevate the aesthetic of any environment. The pure white finish exudes purity and sophistication, while the optional aged beige patina adds a touch of historical charm. With structural reinforcement as needed and weather-resistant properties, these statues are both beautiful and durable.


        Our large-size sculptures are crafted using a unique and proprietary dry casting process. Composed of over 90% natural white marble mixed with architectural resin, these statues achieve the authentic look and feel of natural marble. The sculptures feature a chiselled surface texture resembling soft bush-hammered stone, created through layered casting using advanced roto-casting technology. This method ensures a strong yet hollow structure, reducing cost and weight while maintaining durability.

        Each statue is meticulously hand-finished and patinated, with an optional aged beige patina available to add an antique touch. Structural reinforcement, such as PU foam core, sand, or metal, is incorporated as needed to ensure stability. Weather-resistant, these sculptures are designed to withstand the elements and retain their beauty in both indoor and outdoor environments.


        • Natural white marble + architectural resin
        • Chiselled surface texture resembling bush-hammered stone
        • Layered with roto-casting technology
        • Hollow with structural reinforcement as needed (PU foam core, sand, props, or bars)
        • Pure white with optional aged beige patina
        • Weather-resistant


        For indoor settings, we recommend the pure white finish for its brightness. For outdoor installations, the aged beige patina is recommended if it complements the building's architecture, while pure white remains a versatile choice for most settings. The intensity of the patina can also be chosen, with light beige being the default option. Please note that while the patina can always be added afterwards, the pure white finish cannot be restored once the patina is applied. Most of our customers choose the pure white version.


        Our life-size statues are expertly balanced on their bases to stand securely both indoors and outdoors. For added stability, the base can be secured using various methods, including resin glue, cementitious glue, or mechanical means such as iron bars or hooks.


        To maintain the best appearance of your outdoor statue, apply wax or polyurethane spray once a year. During cold winters, avoid ice accumulation in crevices by salting or covering them. In winter, most outdoor statues need protection against freezing, especially around the crevices where water gets trapped and expands, forming ice. The safest option is to cover the statue completely, as is done with public statues outdoors.

        Invest in a piece of history and artistry. Choose our statues to transform your space into a testament to timeless elegance and luxurious taste.

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