Dancing Faun Statue (Bronze)

SIZE:  4.5 "

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    Height: 11.5 cm (4.5 inch)
    Width: 6 cm (2.4 inch)
    Depth: 5 cm (2 inch)
    Base: 5x5 cm (2x2 inch)
    Ref. SCRO3910032

    Copper Alloy
    Copper Green Patina

    Handmade in Europe


A detailed reduction of the Dancing Faun Statue of Pompeii in patinated green bronze. This statue is one of the most iconic pieces of art found in the House of the Faun, and the center bronze statue of the impluvium of one of the largest and most impressive private residences of Pompeii, circa 2nd century BC. The complex is considered one of the most luxurious houses of the aristocracy of the Roman republic, and tell us much more information about this period than any other archaeological evidence found in Rome itself. Now you can have your own version of the Faun of Pompeii, a perfect collector piece for the desk or shelves.

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