9 Psychological effects of art you didn't know

Why do we enthusiastically go to museums? Why do we adore surrounding ourselves with art pieces? Are they merely delighting our senses or there is much more behind? After researching what psycology experts write about this subject, we share with you a compilation of 9 positive psychological effects of art on YOU.

Experiencing art:

  • decreases the level of stress hormones in the body,
  • triggers the area of the brain that activate our pleasure center,
  • effects the area of the brain that activates our reward system,
  • frequently increases brain activity,
  • improves memory,
  • evokes a feeling of beauty,
  • increases productivity,
  • increases creativity,
  • encourages to express our opinion.

While our hectic routines regretfully do not grant sufficient time and energy to visit our favourite museum or gallery, there is no reason for simply accepting the dull world around us. Embracing positivity is surrounding yourself with gorgeous esthetic artwork, especially at those places where we spend the most of our time - the workplace or home. At The Ancient Home we wish you to enjoy art and be positive!

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