How to elevate your home interior with marble sculptures

Sculptures have been around for thousands of years as one of humanity’s most amazing art expressions that evolved alongside us with the discoveries of better sculpting techniques and materials. As a result, marble became the most frequently used material in Europe that proved to be easy to work on but also highly resistant, not to mention its beautiful texture. Therefore it is not surprising that it served as the material used for the most known fantastic sculpted art pieces ever created. 

Nike Winged Victory Sculpture


One might wonder how could sculptors make something so hard like marble in some cases so soft-looking that it easily fools the eye. Undoubtedly, this is an incredible skill that not many possess but most art-sensitive people appreciate. We are amazed by and drawn to see these artworks in person because there is nothing like being around something hand-made so monumental yet delicately crafted as these marble sculptures. Understandably we would like to own and exhibit such pieces ourselves and luckily with the help of today’s advanced technology, it is possible. Using the tools of the present day, we have never been more capable to take on the task of creating accurate high-quality reproductions. 

Veiled Lady Bust Sculpture


As a result, the masterpieces of legendary sculptors like Michelangelo, Donatello, Canova, and many others are easily accessible in miniaturized forms that try to accurately recreate the little details found on the originals using quality materials. Finding such pieces is the difficult part since there are so many copies with characteristics that often leave much to be desired. That is why The Ancient Home approaches this craft with the mindset that prioritizes quality over quantity. Every single art piece of ours possesses the excellence that is present in both how they look and what they are made of so that they can serve their purpose for a long time. A purpose that is best described as elevating the looks of your interiors with the timeless beauty of the greatest sculptures of all time.

Male Torso Statue


These statues usually represent a certain style that was prominent at the time of their creation like humanism, neoclassicism, etc. The impact of these styles influences how the human figures are presented, how detailed and life-like the portrayal of the certain subject is, and consequently how well it fits into the interior you want to exhibit it in. There is not much to consider when it comes to color as these white marble pieces are easy to fit into any environment, although placing them around more white decor pieces or furnishing creates spectacular harmony. What is more important is how the certain statue’s style matches with the interior design of your home as something out of certain periods can interfere with the already existing consistency. Certain combinations just do not work unfortunately but luckily most of our statues are perfect for the nowadays common modern styles of home decor.

Medici Lions Sculpture


The Ancient Home's art pieces are all made in Europe with a unique dry casting method that results in the final statues having over 90% Carrara marble content, giving them the look and feel of natural marble. Explore our collection and decorate your interiors with high quality sculpture reproductions portraying famous historical and mythological figures!

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