Garden Decor Tips - The Essence of Garden Statues

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With spring comes the season of rebirth when our gardens start to return to their colorful beauty after a long winter. As the flowers start to bloom, trees turn green and the grass becomes lush again you might wonder what could possibly elevate this lively feeling of your garden even more. The answer is so simple: garden statues!


These artworks come in many different sizes and shapes with a common trait of being highly resistant to the harsh weather conditions they would have to endure when displayed outside. It is absolutely crucial to make sure the material of the statue is up to the challenge which is the most important step when you decide what to decorate your garden with. Without the necessary durability, its beauty might not last for long. For such a purpose natural cast marble or alabaster are among the best materials. Statues made from both have the characteristics to serve as the jewels of the garden for extended periods of time. In addition to this longevity, they are easy to work with which results in breathtaking details that are easily achievable during production.


To enhance the appearance of your garden with statues is quite easy if you think of the landscape as a gallery where the primary sight is the displayed piece of art. You should approach bigger garden statues with the same attitude and place them somewhere without distractions. Let your flowers and plants complement their beauty without taking away the spotlight and to highlight the ornaments even more you can put them on columns, piers, and pedestals as well.

Virgil garden statue


Depending on the type and style of your garden sculpture you also have to think about the viewing angles the artwork is visible from. It is necessary to consider how you present your garden statues since human sculptures for example look very different depending on the angles they are seen from. They have a front view which is usually intended to be presented to the audience so this has to be kept in mind when designing your garden’s architecture. With most abstract or symmetrical artworks you should have no such concerns.

Regarding smaller garden statues it is not that important to make them a centerpiece of a certain area. Their appearance is easily overshadowed due to their size so it is rather convenient to just place them among your plants or in a mass of flowers as an accent where they are visible enough to serve as delightful little surprises for onlookers. The advantage of smaller ornaments is that you can safely place multiple in your garden without making the scenery feel overcrowded.

Farnese Hercules garden statue



Most garden statues are made with different weather conditions in mind but there are certain things you can do beyond that to make sure your statue retains its beauty for as long as possible. Inspecting your outdoor space maintenance and improvements are vital to retain the value of the investment.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that if your climate has the typical winter season with minus temperatures and snow, it is necessary to prepare your sculpture for such conditions. The cold and the snow itself might not pose a threat to the statue's well-being, but when freezing happens in the crevices the frozen water's increased size might put big tension on these sections, resulting in cracks and possibly breaking the statue when exposed to this for extended periods. To avoid such an outcome you have to make sure these areas are treated with a substance that prevents freezing. One such option could be salt, but covering the crevices can work as well.

Apart from the protection in cold weathers wax or polyurethane spray can be applied once a year to the surface of the statue for color retention purposes.

Venus Italica from Canova


Overall garden statues are a great choice for any garden size, the only thing that matters is that you remain tasteful and follow the steps above to achieve the desired lively and wonderous look for your garden. Visit the link below and explore our own garden statue collection!



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    The article on garden decor tips is enlightening! The insights shared about garden statues truly add charm to outdoor spaces. I found the emphasis on selecting statues that resonate with personal style very helpful. This blog has inspired me to explore unique statues for my garden!

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