Most Expensive Furniture Worthy of the High Price - Top 5

Our top 5 list of most expensive furniture gathers the most amazing crafts you will ever wish to own were the price not a concern.

Combining the aesthetic design with exotic and expensive materials, time-consuming and expert handicraft makes our top 5 expensive furniture a great value deal compared to overpriced modern designer furniture and expensive furniture brands.

1. Exotic & Expensive Wood Marquetry Furniture


Prestige furniture - Ebony chest of drawers with ivory and mother of pearl inlays.

The list of exotic and expensive materials used by master cabinetmakers since the 15th century is immense. Ebony, kingwood, rosewood, ivory, sycamore, wenge, mother of pearl, sapele, walnut root wood, tortoiseshell and precious metals such as gold among the favorite materials of the wealthy. A marquetry cabinet with complex designs can currently cost up to 60,000.00 USD.

The Ancient Home supports the noble craft of cabinetmaking with a stunning collection of expensive and fine marquetry furniture. Visit our collection of Marquetry furniture for sale.

2. European & Islamic Intarsia Furniture

intarsia table top

Detail of European Intarsia & Marquetry tabletop with eye-catching design.
Photography of our Cream Color table.

Intarsia furniture is even more expensive to craft than marquetry. Intarsia requires time-consuming geometric designs achieved by sectioning milimetrically cut stripes of different materials with a resulting furniture impressing to the eye.

Often associated with Syrian, Islamic or Moroccan style furniture, Intarsia was mastered and highly esteemed in Europe from 14th to 17th centuries as a furniture of great luxury and prestige.

Visit our collection of Intarsia furniture for sale.

3. Cuir de Cordoue Upholstered Furniture

cuir de cordoue chest

Small chest upholstered with gorgeous Cuir de Cordoue.

Cuir de Cordoue is one of the most expensive leather products available.  The manufacturing process begins by sculpting a bas-relief of wood or alabaster. The resulting sculpture is used to emboss high quality lambskin leather with complex custom-made reliefs and then richky painted and gold-gilded with singular mastery.

Another rare and unique craft available in our amazing collection of Cuir de Cordoue furniture.

4. Rare & Expensive Marble or Bonded Marble Sculptural Furniture

Bonded marble table inspired by Venetian architecture. 
Photography of our Venetian Dining Table.

Sculptural furniture such as marble tables and benches was highly esteemed by the ancient Romans. The classic and elegant forms of marble furniture is timeless work of art of authentic luxury, a look not replicable with ordinary wood.

The Ancient Home gathers the best selection of bonded marble furniture for home interiors. Bonded marble (90% marble) is a less expensive alternative to solid marble with the same look and feel as natural marble. Discover our collection of classic furniture for sale.

5. High Quality Porcelain Furniture

Finely painted coffee table made of porcelain.

Objects made of fine porcelain was eagerly collected by the wealthy since the ancient times. At the beginning imported from China, then produced in Europe with great mastery, the porcelain collections of the rich could include vessels & wares, mirrors, console tables, table tops and even chairs. Porcelain furniture was and still is a rare and unique art form of great expense very rarely found in most expensive furniture stores.
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