Ancient Greek Black-Figure Panathenaic Amphora with Athena and the Runners

SIZE:  12.9"

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    Height containing top: 33 cm (12.9")
    Mouth: 8.5 cm x 8.5 cm (3.3" x 3.3")
    Diamater: 15 cm (5.9")
    Base: 6.5 cm x 6.5 cm (2.5" x 2.5")
    Ref. CEGR3001085


    Handmade in Greece


This amazing ancient Greek Panathenaic Amphora with black figures is a high quality hand painted replica of the actual historic vessel from Athens. The amphora depicts Goddess Athena one side, and Greek Runners on the other side.

Black-figure pottery painting, also known as the black-figure style or black-figure ceramic is one of the most modern styles for adorning antique Greek vases. It was especially common between the 7th and 5th centuries BC, although there are specimens dating as late as the 2nd century BC. Stylistically it can be distinguished from the preceding orientalizing period and the subsequent red-figure pottery style.

Figures and ornaments were painted on the body of the vessel using shapes and colors reminiscent of silhouettes. Delicate contours were incised into the paint before firing, and details could be reinforced and highlighted with opaque colors, usually white and red. The principal centers for this style were initially the commercial hub Corinth, and later Athens. Other important production sites are known to have been in Laconia, Boeotia, eastern Greece and Italy. Particularly in Italy individual styles developed which were at least in part intended for the Etruscan market. Greek black-figure vases were very popular with the Etruscans, as is evident from frequent imports. Greek artists created customized goods for the Etruscan market which differed in form and decor from their normal products. The Etruscans also developed their own black-figure ceramic industry oriented on Greek models.

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