Sea-Centaur (Ichthyocentaur) Mosaic

SIZE:  21.5" x 31.5"

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    55 x 80 cm (21.5 x 31.5 inch)
    Ref. MORO3402009


    Handmade in Europe


The Sea-Centaur (Ichthyocentaur) Mosaic on white background is one of our wide collection of Mythological Mosaics.

Sea-Centaur (Ichthyocentaur)

"In late poetical Greek mythology, ichthyocentaurs (or ikhthyokentauroi) were a race of centaurine sea-gods with the upper body of a human, the lower front of a horse, the tail of a fish, and lobster-claw horns on their heads. The best-known members of this race were Aphros and Bythos, two half-brothers of the wise centaur Chiron and the sons of the Titan Cronus and Nymph Philyra. These two sea-gods, though little remembered, were set in the sky as the astronomical constellation Pisces.

This masterpiece is an entirely handmade mosaic reproduction created using the techniques of ancient romans called "Opus tessellatum", cubic stones tiles mosaic. During its manufacture 8 mm stone and natural marble tiles are used, all together being fixed on mortar with a metallic structure.

This mosaic can be installed on both wall and floor.

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