Trajan Bust (Green Bronze)

SIZE:  4.3"

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    Height: 11 cm (4.3 inch)
    Base: 4 cm x 4 cm(1.5" x 1.5")
    Weight: 0.5 kg (1.1lbs)
    Ref. SCRO3910024

    Copper Alloy
    Copper Green Patina
    Stone socle

    Handmade in Europe


Our Trajan Bust (Green Bronze) is a reduction inspired by a marble original in the Vatican Museums. This sculpture depicts the famous Roman emperor with a naked chest, an usual image of the busts of Trajan. Trajan is remembered as a successful soldier-emperor, 98-117 AD, who presided over the greatest military expansion in Roman history, leading the empire to attain the maximum territorial extent ever by the time of his death. Born in the city of Italica (modern Sevilla) in the province of Hispania Baetica, Trajan's non-patrician family was of Italian and Iberian origins. Trajan rose to prominence during the reign of Domitian, serving as a legatus legionis in Hispania, and supporting Domitian in 89 against a revolt led by Antonius Saturninus. Domitian was succeeded in 96 by Marcus Cocceius Nerva, an old and childless senator who proved to be unpopular with the army. After a brief and tumultuous year in power, culminating in a revolt by members of the Praetorian Guard, Nerva was compelled to adopt the more popular Trajan as his heir and successor. He died in 98 and was succeeded by his adopted son without incident.

The stone socle of this bust can have veinings of different color and size which can alter the final appearance of the bust.

Copper Alloy Sculpture

Our sculpture is produced by a unique and proprietary casting process. They are made of hot molten cast of copper alloys and brass with a green oxide patina. The sculpture has a look comparable to archaeological copper alloys and bronzes. They are finished by hand.

Please note there can be slight differences between the color of the item you receive and the website due to the handmade nature of the product.

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