Ancient Roman Drinking Glass

SIZE:  5.1" to 5.5"

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    Height: 13-14cm (5.1" to 5.5")
    Width: 6-7cm (2.3" to 2.7")
    Depth: 6-7cm (2.3" to 2.7")
    Ref. GLRO4201007


    Handmade in Europe

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About this item

Our Ancient Roman Drinking Glass is an accurate reproduction of a 4th century Roman cup, an elegant handmade glass, suitable for both home decoration and everyday use.

About our Roman glass reproductions

Our ancient Roman glass reproductions (100-400 AD) are hand-blown following the same techniques used by ancient Roman glass makers, with a resulting glass of thin thickness which reduced the cost of waterproof vessels and tableware compared to clay wares. Our Roman glass reproductions can be collected as glassware sets for special occasions or serve as perfect gifts for those interested in ancient history. Although they are made with the greatest care, minor form, size, and visual differences might occur for each glass piece due to the handmade nature of the production.

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