Dancing Faun Bronze Statue (Large Size)

SIZE:   31" / 80cm

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    80 cm (31")
    Ref. SCAN3913009


    Handmade in Europe


Dancing Faun Bronze Statue, reproduction after the Roman original found in Pompeii. The name of the House of the Faun derives from the little bronze statue found in the center of the impluvium. The statue is the representation of a dancing faun, a divinity of the nature correspondent to the satyr of the Greek culture. The original one is now guarded in the National Archaeological Museum of Naples while here it has been replaced by its exact reproduction.

The bronze statue of a dancing faun is what gives the House of the Faun its name—and it is located where it would have been seen by people peering in the main doorway of the House of the Faun.

Please note there can be slight differences between the color of the item you receive and the pictures on the website due to the handmade nature of the product. The important thing to note is that the patina is not a paint but a very thin conversion coat on the surface of the bronze.

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