Guidoriccio da Fogliano at the Siege of Montemassi Fresco

SIZE:  220 cm (86.6") x 100 cm (39.4")

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    220 cm (86.6") x 100 cm (39.4")
    Ref. FRME3901066


    Handmade in Europe


The 'Guidoriccio da Fogliano at the siege of Montemassi Fresco' is a reproduction of the fresco in 'Sala del Mappamondo' (Palazzo Pubblico in Siena). The fresco shows the commander of the Sienese troops on horseback (Guidoriccio da Fogliano), while the background depicts the siege of Montemassi.

Our frescoes are all made by qualified Master of Arts.

Please note the picture on our website is only an illustration of the final authentic handmade fresco. Color tonality and details can change according to the artist interpretation and technique. This results in a unique and personalized work of art.


Frescoes are not regular paintings. Pigments are applied directly on a fresh wet plaster base on the wall. By doing so, colors retain their vibrancy and last longer, remaining beautifully vivid. The painting must be done quickly and skillfully, before the plaster base dries.

Fresco painting technique


After the wall painting is dry, the first layer of the plaster can be removed and transferred to a textile canvas.
This is possible with the combination of soluble glues and canvases, a technique perfected since the 17th century for the restoration and conservation of ancient works of art.

Thanks to this procedure we can obtain authentic frescos on canvas, which can be stretched on wooden frame or glued onto the wall the same way wallpaper is installed.

Fresco removal from the wall

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