Hippocampus Mosaic

SKU: MORO3402044
Hippocampus Mosaic

Hippocampus Mosaic

SKU: MORO3402044
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      Dimensions: 22.035 x 12.285"
    • Material

      • The Hippocampus Mosaic is one of our wide collection of Mythological Mosaics. Hippocampus is a mythological creature with the front head and forelimbs of a horse and the rear of a dolphin.

        This masterpiece is an entirely handmade mosaic reproduction created using the techniques of ancient romans called "Opus tessellatum", cubic stones tiles mosaic. During its manufacture 8 mm stone and natural marble tiles are used, all together being fixed on mortar with a metallic structure.

        This mosaic can be installed on both wall and floor.
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