Solid Alabaster Small Bowl

SKU: SCRO3012002
Solid Alabaster Small Bowl
Solid Alabaster Small Bowl
Solid Alabaster Small Bowl

Solid Alabaster Small Bowl

SKU: SCRO3012002
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    • Dimensions

      Height: 1.4"
      Width: 5"
      Depth: 5"
      Weight: 1.1 lbs

      Please note that due to the nature of alabaster, there can be slight visual differences between the illustrations and the item you receive.
    • Material

      Solid Alabaster
      • Our alabaster bowl is made from solid alabaster, mined in Europe then carved to achieve its stylish modern look. It is a beautiful servery, perfect for snacks or other culinary delights.

        Carved solid alabaster

        Alabaster is a type of mineral or rock that is considered soft and easy to form, and as such, it was a common choice for carving decorative artifacts throughout history. It has two variations differing in their hardness, one being gypsum alabaster, mainly used in medieval Europe, and the other calcite, which was widespread in the Middle East. Apart from the slight differences in hardness, they share similar properties, including appearance, as both are lightly colored or translucent.
      • Origin


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