'Vesuvius' Ancient Sea Amphora

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    Diameter: 32 cm (12.5")
    Height: 88 cm (34.5")
    Weight: 8 kg (17.5lbs)
    Ref. CERO3412004


    Handmade in Europe

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About this item

This amazing reproduction of an ancient Roman Amphora is made with a unique accelerated ageing process under the sea. The right ambient conditions and time transforms the ceramic into a piece of art that recalls antiquities found in museums.

About Vesuvius

Amphora based on the Dressel 2-4 type with a flat base that originated in the famous city of Pompeii, in the south of Italy, which disappeared when Mount Vesuvius erupted. The production of this type dates back to the 1st century AD. The pieces found to date come from Pompeii where several examples have been found, but some of them were in pieces and given that the top half of this model is the same as other amphorae of the 2-4 type, the broken parts make it difficult to recognise and state its exact distribution, so its use was possibly more widespread than first thought.
It was used to hold wine and it had a bigger capacity than other amphorae of the Dressel 2-4 type.

About the ageing process

The whole process occurs under water, the ceramic art is submerged under conditions that favour marine life employing streams of water from a special pumping plant and cooling condensers. The filtering system creates special conditions that assist underwater life and accelerate the ageing of each piece, rendering it completely unique and worthy of a collector.
The main feature of these perfect replicas is that the ageing process is 100% natural without chemicals involved, distinguishing it as an environmentally friendly product and a hand crafted reproduction of historical and cultural art.


We are pleased to inform you that the aged finish of the product supplied is never exactly the same as what is seen in the shown image, although it is certainly very similar. The fact to be considered is that it is the marine flora and fauna that is responsible for its natural adornment and final appearance.

These amphora reproductions are accurately handcrafted by master potters, then cultivated beneath the sea and thus it is the marine environment and the passing of time which decides how they are returned to the ground. Our customers, therefore, have the privilege of owning unique and unparalleled pieces, as there are no two alike.


This amphora does not require any special care or cleaning products. It can be simply cleaned with just water, spraying it and then letting the piece to get dry. In case you wish to add some shine, you can use a paintbrush applying sunflower oil on the surface.

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