Bonded Marble Statues - Dry Cast Marble Sculpture


Alternative names to bonded marble are dry cast marble, cold cast marble, bonded marble, or cultured marble. Not to be confused with carved alabaster or cast of alabaster powder, which is a cheaper and softer stone than marble, although sometimes marketed as such, with the most important difference that over time the alabaster cast will become yellowish.

Bonded Marble is a mixture of marble powder (80 - 90%), which is a byproduct of the cutting process in quarries, and a resin-polymer (10 - 20%) as casting material, which allows the marble to take the form of moulds and reproduce statues in great detail at a very affordable cost.

Apollo bust sculpture bonded marble

Bonded Marble Apollo Bust Sculpture (Large)

This mixture behaves quite differently than resin only products in the way that the ultra fine particles of marble flow into the mold creating highly detailed and stone-like sculptures. A good quality mould makes possible to create an exact replica of a classical sculpture masterpiece made of bonded marble, and if required, finish or sand the sculpture by hand.

Bonded marble statues have practically the same weight, look and feel like solid marble sculptures, the material is cold, and looks smooth and authentic, which is completely missing from inferior only resin sculptures. With dry cast marble sculptures any kind of form is possible, from small indoor statuettes to large life-size sculptures.

marble lion statuette video thumbnail

Watch the video of our Bonded Marble Chatsworth Lions Statue in Pair (Small)

Other casting material can also be used like for example cement in order to reduce cost on the larger pieces. However, other materials do not have the level of details such as dry cast marble sculptures do.


  • Pat

    How durable is this marble powder epoxy statue will they last hundreds of years like a real Marble statue ??

  • JudyG

    Do you use epoxy resin?
    Is there some thing called “powdered resin” which is water soluble?

  • Richard

    Is it possible to identify real marble versus powdered marble? Thank you for any help. Richard

  • Jeff Neice

    indeed, marble castings were made before resin, any idea on the bonding agent and ratios?

  • Lynn Firkds

    Thank you for posting this information. I have a small sculpture made of resin bonded marble powder, I believe. It is dingy from environmental pollutants. Most likely cigarette smoke or fireplace smoke. Is there any recommendation for how to clean the surface of this material?

    ~December, 2021

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