How to hang a tapestry: 5 easy and quick ways to hang a tapestry

 1. Hang on a hidden rod

If you want to see only your tapestry, you can use a hidden wooden rod. Many tapestries have an integral sleeve so you just have to slide the tapestry on the rod. Our tapestries come with an already sewed-on sleeve for easy hanging. If your tapestry doesn’t have a rod pocket, you can sew your own pocket on the tapestry. Use a sewing machine or your hand to sew an old fabric to the back of the tapestry, creating a hole for the rod.

After sliding the tapestry on the rod you can use nails under the tapestry to mount the wooden rod to the wall.

2. Hang on a curtain rod

You can mount a curtain rod simply to your wall and hang your tapestry on it. You can slide the tapestry on the curtain rod like with the hidden rod.

Try to find a curtain rod that complements your tapestry: you can choose an antique rod for classical interiors or a more simple one for modern rooms. 

3. Hang with rod and chain



A creative way to hang your tapestry is by using a wooden rod and chains. You just have to slide the tapestry on the rod like it was a curtain rod. After that you have to attach the chains on the rod with nails. Only one strong nail on the wall will hold the chain and your tapestry in a tight position. 

4. Hang with clips


You can hang your tapestry with the help of a few clips and nails. First you have to mount the nails to the wall. Then you can simply hang the clips on tha nails that will hold your tapestry. Open each clip and make it hold the tapestry. You should use multiple clips to divide the weight, especially when hanging heavy tapestries.

5. Frame the tapestry


You can also frame your tapestry just like paintings. This way you can prevent the tapestry from dust and the frame will make it look like real artwork. Tapestries sometimes have different dimensions than paintings, so you have to find or make the perfect sized frame for your tapestry. The frame can add the final touch to the tapestry, so choose a style that fits your home the most. Consider the weight of both the frame and the tapestry when hanging and choose a strong nail that will hold them securely.

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