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American Museums Knocking on The Ancient Home’s Door

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The museum replica manufacturer

Ancient replica experts expand their business by supplying museums in the US

Budapest, Hungary – April, 2018, leading supplier of furniture and accent decor inspired by ancient civilizations, neoclassicism and European antiques today announced their expansion in the US. The company, which prides itself on crafting unique one-of-a-kind museum replicas and home wares inspired by ancient art, has come to agreement with several museum shops and museum departments to ship its products to America.

“We are thrilled to partner with museums in the US and showcase our products for educational lectures, showrooms and museum shops in this region of the world”, says owner and CEO of The Ancient Home, Juan Gamero. “Our passion and dedication to making best-quality ancient art reproductions is already well known. It’s always a great honor to be able to purvey our artwork to museums as we already do in Europe.”

The Ancient Home has been producing hand-crafted ancient decor and furniture for European clientele since 2016. The company revealed that The Ancient Home has already integrated a toll-free telephone number for their customers in North America as of January this year, and while the company will continue manufacturing and shipping from Europe, the business will grow in the Americas with the possibility to open a new office across the pond.

Juan Gamero, had this to say, “We are delighted with our partnership with various museums in the US and look forward to continue introducing our products in the American market. There is a synergy in this part of the world that we feel will result in a valuable market for us. We had already begun shipping the first US order as of December 2017.”

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About The Ancient Home

The Ancient Home is the worldwide leading supplier of furniture & accent decor inspired by ancient civilizations, neoclassicism and European antiques.

The museum replica manufacturer

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  • Roger Geier

    Hello. My name is Roger Geier and I am a sculptor whose interest over the last 30 years in Hellenistic bronzes has led me far and wide to examine the most outstanding examples of the craft wherever they could be found with a maker’s eye. I read widely from the scholarship on the subject and recently have begun to look into reproducing these spectacular works for the market exactly as the ancients did for a discerning market. I noticed that the British museum does a chatsworth Apollo that seems to have pretty high quality. Is this something your company does or is interested in? Do let me know.

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