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Terracotta is one of the most frequently used materials in potting that is instantly recognizable for its red color. Its name translates to 'baked earth' or ‘fired clay’ which describes its production process in a nutshell, that involves baking the clay at such a temperature it becomes solid and attains its redness due to the material’s iron oxide content.

terracotta planter vase

But what is terracotta exactly?

Terracotta is often used to reference the raw material itself, not just the final, fired product. Terracotta clay is a combination of minerals and sedimentary rocks that form into clay underground over thousands of years. It is a material that was used for pottery making for a long time, thus we even learned to recreate its properties through manufacturing. Still, the majority of clay is dug up from the ground having higher amounts of contaminants or impurities that can result in multiple color variations like darker brown or pink hues, and different temperatures might be needed for them to achieve the necessary characteristics of burned clay. 

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Terracotta is made from a coarse porous type of clay which is shaped (or sculpted) into the final form, then baked until it becomes hard enough. With practical use in mind, an additional layer of glaze is needed after that because baked terracotta is not watertight.

Why choose terracotta planter pots over plastic ones?

By nature, terracotta pots are porous and actually breathe, leading to increased oxygen and water circulation inside the pot which results in a much healthier environment for most plants compared to the ones made of plastic. This porous nature also causes the pot's outside surface to reflect the state of the soil as it changes color or becomes dry depending on the circumstances inside. In addition to this they have several other advantages compared to plastic planter pots, with the most obvious being their environmentally friendly nature. They are made from completely natural materials and their reusability is excellent as well. They are exceptionally resistant and durable for the most part but usually not suitable for temperatures below -10 °C which is their biggest and only true limitation. Apart from this, they are an overall better and more concious choice than plastic for numerous reasons ranging from the well-being of your plant to the low environmental impact these terracotta pots have.

terracotta vase with sacer

Our terracotta products

When creating our terracotta product line our vision was to prioritize environmentally friendly production techniques and materials. As we are launching this collection we are proud to say that we succeeded and all of our terracotta planter pots, bas-reliefs, and statues were made with this philosophy implemented. Visit the link and explore our fantastic selection of high-quality terracotta products!

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