Forest Tapestry

SKU: TEAN3301001L
Forest Tapestry
Forest Tapestry

Forest Tapestry

SKU: TEAN3301001L
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    • Dimensions

      46.8" x 29.3"
      19.5" x 33.2"
      Weight: 2.2 lbs
    • Material

      Cotton (72% Egyptian cotton 25% viscose and 3% polyester or lurex)
      • This tapestry represents a majestic lion mixed up in flowers and green foliage and is woven in cotton, it is lined with a plain beige cotton fabric and has an integral sleeve for hanging. William Morris, the famous English artist from the late XIXth century have designed lots of fabrics and tapestries. It is now in the world's most prestigious museums.


        Our tapestries are made by a century-old company in Europe. The weaving method is an exceptional expertise inherited from the Middle Ages that is recognised all around the world. They are made by a weaving machine using the highest quality cotton to be admired for decades and to become a legacy for future generations. The tapestries are finished on a loom by professional hands caring for details.

        Our wall hangings are popular among art lovers and interior designers: they elevate our personal space by adding charm and coziness to our homes. Whether they are in a vintage or modern style room, they catch everyone’s attention with their bold colours and distinctive patterns.

        You can be creative when hanging your tapestry, read our blog post about tapestry hanging. Here are some examples for the best look:

        You should never wash any tapestry in a washing machine. We recommend only dry cleaning or dusting. Click here to learn more about tapestry cleaning.
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