How to clean a tapestry

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Tapestries are popular among art lovers and interior designers: they elevate our personal space by adding charm and coziness to our homes. They catch everyone’s attention with their bold colors and distinctive patterns, no wonder that we want to preserve their shine and beauty. We have to be careful when cleaning these artworks, but if you follow our guide, you can enjoy your tapestry for many years to come. 

How often should you clean a tapestry?

Wall hangings do not require frequent cleaning, they are only exposed to dust as any other furniture in your home. You can dust your tapestry with a soft cloth every time you see dust on its surface.

For deeper cleaning you should only use dry cleaning. You can clean your tapestry once or twice a year. We recommend dry cleaning your tapestry at least every 4 year to maintain and protect the beauty of the fabric. If the tapestry is exposed to smoke, you should clean it more regularly to avoid bad smells.



How to dry clean a tapestry?

An occasional dusting with your vacuum cleaner is enough to keep the item looking fresh. You will need an upholstery tool for your vacuum cleaner to protect the fabric from damage.

Step 1

Remove the tapestry from the wall (if necessary) and lay on a flat surface, such as on a clean floor or a table.

Step 2

Connect an upholstery attachment to your vacuum cleaner. This attachment has stiff bristles and an oval- or rectangular-shaped head.

Step 3

Turn on the vacuum cleaner. Run the upholstery attachment down the length of the tapestry, working from the top to the bottom. Vacuum the top side of the tapestry; this is where dust collects when it hangs on the wall.

Step 4

Flip the tapestry over and vacuum the back, if desired. The tapestry's backside is usually not as dirty as the front.

Step 5

Take your tapestry to a dry cleaner if it still looks dirty after vacuuming. You should not dry clean certain types of tapestries, such as hand-woven ones or those made of 100 percent wool. If you have a tapestry such as this, contact a rug cleaner who specializes in high-end carpets or antique textiles.

How to clean spots on a tapestry?

For spot cleaning, you might use a gentle fabric cleaner like Woolite. You should always test first in a small area that won't be noticed. You should only use your hand or soft textile, do not rub the fabric with a brush.

Never wash any tapestry product in a washing machine! The hand-washed fabric or product should be hung to dry, you should never use a dryer.

If you cannot remove the stain or do not want to risk damaging your tapestry, it is advisable to seek the services of tapestry cleaning experts.


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  • Karen Nelson

    I have a wool tapestry on a wooden backing board with foam insulation. It was inserted into a foot stool. The tapestry itself is from the 1920’s maybe earlier. I need to spot clean it. How would you recommend I do this. (I need to leave it on the backing board with foam insulation)
    Cheers Karen

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