Integration of Roman mosaics in a modern interior

The timeless designs of the Roman mosaic favours the integration of this artwork with almost any interior style. Even spacious modern interiors in need of texture gladly welcome such a floor accent.

Wall Roman mosaic in a home interior

Sea-Centaur (Ichthyocentaur) Mosaic

Integration of the mosaic in a modern interior

While in the form of centerpiece or tabletop mosaic combined with contrasting materials, we can create unique spaces with focal attention toward the art piece. The Roman mosaic is a vivid art form with imperfect reliefs and textures that accentuated with spotlights and shadows creates an enigmatic museum atmosphere.

By the usage of transitional geometric patterns, Roman mosaic makers simulated the illusion of movement in every room of the 'domus'. Our carpet mosaics are a great example of how the combination of hypnotic patterns creates sense of movement and transforms dull rooms into a concert of color. 

The Roman mosaic, whether on floor or wall, is a prominent decorational element with an interesting story to tell. Those who have the luck to comtemplate them daily are delighted with a special piece of art.

Before putting mosaics on the wall, make sure the walls are strong enough to hold the weight of large mosaics, especially when decorating old homes.

Floor Roman mosaic in a home interior

Centaur Mosaic

Durability of the Roman mosaics

When the Romans imported the young technique from Greece, they believed that a mosaic was not resistant enough to be used as house pavement. Walls and ceilings were decorated with gorgeous Roman mosaics until the art developed into a rampant fashion of luxurious mosaic floors. Made of limestones and marbles, the Romans made of the mosaic a durable artwork that withstand the worst ambient conditions.

Wall Roman mosaic

Vine in the Krater Mosaic

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